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April 2014 MOTMs

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April 2014 MOTMs Empty April 2014 MOTMs

Post by Half Jack on Sun Apr 27, 2014 11:27 am

April MotMs

Top Poster is... PureStar! She has kept up as Top Poster for the past month! Wonderful job!

Top Female Character is... PureStar! Once again she has claimed a space in this months awards! Her character has been through a lot but it seems somethings are poping up for her. Splendid Role Play PureStar!

Top Male Character is... BlackFang! Your character has a wonderful personality. I am proud to have you on this site. Your Role Play with BlackFang is unique and one of a kind! Keep up the good work!

Top Relationship is... SootBlaze & RavenStar! Roleplayed by RavenStar and PureStar. It seems our VultureClan Deputy and Leader are rather fighsty! I wonder where there relationship will take them?

Top User is... RavenStar! It seems many of you are thankful for my work and are glad im here. Many of you voted for me and I am thankful to have such good supporters like you guys! Thanks to you all for if you weren't here im sure none of this would of happend! Love you guys!

All members who were listed on this months MotMs have been granted 30 Claws. Hopefully we have some new faces in next times awards.

RavenStar♀24, FlamingGlare♂27, BlueFrost♀29, Frozensoul♂20, Cody♀42, Mosspaw♂13,
Jumpkit♂6, Luckypaw♀11, Ignitingpaw13♂, I also Role Play Chloe♀

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