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The Peaks (hunting/gathering herbs)

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The Peaks (hunting/gathering herbs) Empty The Peaks (hunting/gathering herbs)

Post by Valérie on Thu May 22, 2014 4:49 pm

Brindlestorm arrived at the peaks, his ears perked and searching for prey. His eyes peaked around, searching for any movements. The tri - colored cat grinned as he caught sight of a plump dove. He crept closer and closer, until he noticed how little room he had on the ledge. Shrugging, the tabby continued to creep closer the bird - which had no idea he was there. Finally, Brindlestorm was close enough to pounce, and he sprang into the air. He landed squarely on the bird. He beamed with pride. "Thank you, StarClan, for this great piece of fresh - kill." The warrior murmured, before noticing the rock beneath his paws beginning to crack. He cried an alarmed yowl before attempting to leap away. But it was too late. The ledge gave out, sending the warrior falling through the air. His body slammed against another ledge, before resuming his fall. Brindlestorm let out a loud screeched as the wind was knocked out of the feline. His eyes widened as he was slammed against another boulder, and instead of falling, his tumbled down the rocky slope, repeatedly slamming against the rocks. He hit his head against a sharp object before finally stopping. The tom was to weak to let out a pained wail. A small groan escaped his mouth before everything went black.

OceanEyes desperately called the name of the medicine cat. "StreamSong! Streeeeeaaaaam?!?!?" He cried, running around the base of the mountain. He looked up the slope and scrambled up. "StreamSong? Hellloooo? Stream - " He paused at the sight of blood. Dry blood smelling of cat. Looking down the rocks, he noticed that a feline must have taken quite a fall. Then he noticed the scavenger birds circling overhead. "StreamSong!" He wailed, carefully picking his way down the rocky descend. The warrior quickly chased away the birds. He gasped when he saw that the victim wasn't StreamSong, but his best friend BrindleStorm. "BrindleStorm... No..." CleanErs muttered, burying his nose in the baby's bloody fur. Saying a silent prayer, OceanEyes took his deceased friend by the scruff and dragged him back to the camp.

(So tragic! Poor Brindlestorm! DDD: StarClan can reply, too, if you want. :3)


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