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Warrior Template

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Warrior Template

Post by Half Jack on Sun Mar 23, 2014 9:59 pm

Here is the template you should use.

[b]Age (in moons):[/b]
[b]Gender (male or female):[/b]
[b]History (even a very basic one like "born into the clans" will do):[/b]
[b]Theme Song (optional):[/b]
[b]Secret Code:[/b]
[b]Did any one refer you? If so who?:[/b]
[b]Clan (VultureClan, HawkClan, EagleClan, OwlClan, Loner):[/b]
[b]RP Style (This means you give a short paragraph of what your character is doing. How you see RPing as. You don't have to do this unless you already made first character. This is only a way for us to  find out how well you are):[/b]
[img]put link to picture here[/img]

Please do not beg for higher ranks. You earn it by proving yourselves to us. Also first come first served.

We have now been asking for people to include a picture in their bios, this is not hard,simply find a picture that most likely represents your character and click on the photo button and put the link of the picture in,it will be below the slanted button

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