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I need and Roleplayer for Streamsong

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I need and Roleplayer for Streamsong

Post by RushingStorm on Wed Jun 04, 2014 7:28 pm

Hey, I need a roleplayer fr my character StreamSong.Just for the plain fact that I do notfeel being a medicine cat is enjoyable.

Rushingpaw (tom)
12 moons
Thoughts: "One more moon. Hold it together Rushingpaw."
Theme song:
Adult: (Blue eyes)

15 moons
Deputy (Youngest at the moment)
Thoughts: "Starclan watch over my clan. Punish me as you wish."
Theme song:

25 moons
Thoughts: "What use is a blind warrior?"
Theme song:

Fallen warriors
Guardian of EagleClan.:
Blazespirit: Former deputy. Died from Blackcough.
Thoughts:"May EagleClan survive.."

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Re: I need and Roleplayer for Streamsong

Post by Tigerstorm on Thu Jun 05, 2014 9:16 am

Ill rp StreamSong.

Snowkit of HawkClan -female, kit-
Mood: "Clap along if you feel like room without a roof..."
Thoughts: "Could I really be deputy someday!?"

Streamsong of EagleClan -female, medicine cat-
Mood: "Take five deep breaths. In through the nose, out from the mouth."
Thoughts: "I sometimes need my space, thats all."

Wildstorm of EagleClan -female, warrior-
Mood: "Seriously? Just seriously?"
Thoughts: "We need some fun around here!"

Tigerstorm of Eagleclan -male, warrior-
Mood: "Ha, Thats awesome."
Thoughts: "Quite! Im trying to think here..."


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Re: I need and Roleplayer for Streamsong

Post by Purestar on Thu Jun 05, 2014 4:45 pm



~Main characters~

Purestar of Eagleclan(Leader)
Shywhisper of Owlclan(Medicine Cat)
Emberflame of Hawkclan(Senior warrior)
Shortpaw of Hawkclan(Warrior Apprentice)
Sootblaze of Vultureclan(Deputy)


Silentsong of Vultureclan(Warrior)
Hollowsoul of Eagleclan(Senior Warrior)
Brokenspirit of Owlclan(Warrior)
Swanflight of Eagleclan(Warrior/Queen)
Bloodstripe of Hawkclan(Senior Warrior)
Fawnleap of Owlclan(Warrior/Queen)

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Re: I need and Roleplayer for Streamsong

Post by Shadow on Thu Jun 05, 2014 4:50 pm

-Locking and moving-

My Charries! :

AmberStar of the HawkClan (Female) (25m) (L)

Thoughts: Hmm... typical stuff... I guess.

ShadowWhisper of the HawkClan (Female) (26m) (W)

Thoughts: My kits are beautiful! I wonder how Lurkingflame feels about them...

CinderFire of the VultureClan (Female) (19m) (W)

Thoughts: I love Silentsong so much...

SnowFlower of the EagleClan (Female) (26m) (W)

Thoughts: It's nice to see everyone happy!

Briarpaw of the HawkClan (Female) (13m) (WA)

Thoughts: Ugh!

Naomi, the Loner (Female) (18m) (L)
Thoughts: What the...? They're just... weird.

RobinStorm of the OwlClan (Male) (25m) (W)
Thoughts: This is going well...

I also Rp Badgerkit!^^

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Age : 17
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Re: I need and Roleplayer for Streamsong

Post by Sponsored content

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