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Shuffle Challenge

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Post by Valérie on Fri Jun 06, 2014 1:10 pm

I'm on DeviantArt, and I see these memes. In these memes, people wrote stories based on songs they got when shuffling through iTunes or whatever they use. Then this game came to mind.

So, whatcha do is you go onto iTunes (or whatever music thing you use), and you shuffle it. Then you write a story from 3 - 5 sentences based on the song. The stories you write can be based on a fandom (ie. Dr. Who, Hetalia, Creepypatas... Sonic...), you, or just some random people you made up. And when you're done, feel free to explain why that mini story fits. Also, if you get the same song you did before, shuffle again.

I got Internet Friends by Knife Party when I shuffled. ಠ_ಠ Scary...

Story: Skylar scrolled though all the comments on Facebook. He shook his head as he read through all the comments his stalker sent. With a huff, the man blocked the stupid person. Little did he know, the stalker would not stand the fact that she was blocked, and she wants revenge...

Y'see, in that song, a woman endlessly sends comments to a person. Then he blocks her on Facebook. She gets angry, and breaks into his house, saying, "You block me on Facebook, and now, you're going to die.

Then the next person rates that story from 1, being bad, to 8 (DEAL WITH IT. MUUUHUUUURRRMRMRMR.), being absolutely fabulous.


Rock 'n' Roll (Will Take You to the Mountain), by Skrillex. I really love dubstep, guis...

I bobbed my head along to the music as I rocked my electric guitar. I narrowed my eyes, grinning as the crowd roared in joy. "Rock 'n' roll, my friends! Rock 'n' roll!!!" I shouted, raising a fist into the air. The crowd roared even louder, almost draining out the lead singer.

Mmkai, Rock 'n' Roll is about... making rock 'n' roll with your friends... So... yea...


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