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Diamondpaw's Apprentice Ceremony

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Diamondpaw's Apprentice Ceremony Empty Diamondpaw's Apprentice Ceremony

Post by Purestar on Mon Aug 01, 2016 12:37 pm

Atop the large rock in the center of everything, sat a small, pale silver she-cat with stone gray tabby markings, and white along her muzzle, chest, underbelly, tail-tip and paws. Her ice blue eyes were illuminated by the pale moonlight that shown lowly in the sky, just above the hole at the top of the clan's cave. The moonlight illuminated her pelt and gave her almost a glow-like appearance. She always held apprentice ceremonies when the moon just shown, so that SilverPelt themselves may freely see the young cats of the clan grow.
"All cats old enough to catch their own prey, join beneath the Sky Rock for a clan meeting!"
Purestar called.


~Main characters~

Purestar of Eagleclan(Leader)
Shywhisper of Owlclan(Medicine Cat)
Emberflame of Hawkclan(Senior warrior)
Shortpaw of Hawkclan(Warrior Apprentice)
Sootblaze of Vultureclan(Deputy)


Silentsong of Vultureclan(Warrior)
Hollowsoul of Eagleclan(Senior Warrior)
Brokenspirit of Owlclan(Warrior)
Swanflight of Eagleclan(Warrior/Queen)
Bloodstripe of Hawkclan(Senior Warrior)
Fawnleap of Owlclan(Warrior/Queen)

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