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Shattered ||Life of a wolf||

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Shattered ||Life of a wolf||

Post by Half Jack on Fri Mar 28, 2014 4:14 pm


What is friendship? What’s its purpose? It's base point in this world? Truthfully I don’t understand it at all… maybe because I only felt it once. I never understood it and tried to. I always seem to ask this question over and over in my head. Wondering why I’m so obsessed into finding it out. Defining it. It’s just one question that has many answers to it. I mean many think of it as a bond between many or someone you watch out for, a partner you could say. Well I only had one and trust me I felt alive… but life never stays’s the same…

Drowning- Chapter 1

Air. I need that. Without it I will die. I lost myself ever since the death of father, Kotano. First my little sister Akemi then mother. I don’t understand what I did for these deaths to happen. I found myself being blown around in a summer blizzard; it just all of a sudden came. I found ice under my paws, not having enough time to take it in. Snap. Crack. Pop. Suffocating as water stuffed my ears, nose, and stung my eyes. I never learned how to swim so I may as well stop struggling. Telling myself I’m ready. I guess I wasn’t because next thing I awake coughing up water a spit as my body attempted to clear the water from my lungs. I swear I was gone since I awoke with berries and sand a stream softly and peacefully flowing by. If it wasn’t for the slight and confusion flash back of a shadow carrying me out, a monster? No looked almost like me but smaller and knew how to swim. Getting up did I go and sniff the strange food before me. Finding my stomach full from the swallowed water did I move away. I sat at the beach until a few hours before nightfall, bored from waiting around. I walked around, trying to find a way out of the place. I didn’t make it far since the star’s came out to shine bright as possible.

Walking back to my makeshift camp smell a strange scent. Wolf. A snarl arose from my vocals as I plundered my way back to home. No it’s not home. Never will I find a place and call it “home”. Anyways I jumped the wolf. “Who are you and why are you here?!” A soft and elegant reply came, shocked at its unspoken harshness. “Get off! What does a lady gotta do to keep brutes off her? Saved your life too.” I removed myself from the lassie as I gawked awkwardly at her, “err.. Sorry… Miss.”
“Well... apology accepted. How are you feeling? Pain in your head or catch of breath?” She asked politely totally passing a large male pinned her. “Me? How am I feeling?” I re-asked the question still surprised to find she cared about my health. She nodded her rusty white head. “Fine I guess… I feel like my head is exploding but otherwise I’m fine.”

“Good. I brought you some tender fish, it’s quite tasty though it sounds fishy. Here,” She nudged the scaly body of the water creature, “thanks but I don’t eat fish…” I woof pushing it away, “Have you tried it?” She asked,


“Then how do you know if you don’t like it if you never tried it?” For some reason a smirked at this, such a big pest yet I felt at ease around her. “What’s your name? I’m Anaku,” I question as I try the fish; she was right about it tasting good. Not much meat but it was alright after half drowning. She gave her name. Sharon… it was nice to know my savor’s name. A name I can at least treasure...
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