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Black Rose,yet another insane killer

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Black Rose,yet another insane killer

Post by Baxter on Wed Jul 23, 2014 9:20 pm

Name:Rose (will be Black Rose)
Age (in moons):6
Gender (male or female):Female
History (optional):The cat was born with a variety of mental problems,causing her to be aggressive and randomly hurt others and doesnt have remorse ne day her father got tired of taking care of the killer kit.trying to leave her in the woods,instead just getting killed cause of her outbursts,but then...she felt something she was...happy,estatic,she laughed and laughed and went after her siblings and mom,when she killed then the outburst stopped,and she couldn't believe what she had done.but still felt the pleasure in killing her own family,she did realize that her older brother had clawed her chest and it was bleeding heavily,she had a plan for if she died,her mom told her stories of how to resurrect,she took a rose and picked it,covering it in oil,making it black,and ran off to find help (she does die and is resurrected by the rose)
Description:an orange tabby with lighter orange stomach and stripes,hazel eyes,Later:The same orange tappy with lighter orange stripes and stomach,but her paws and stomach have black roses on them and her eyes were fully black blood dripping out of them
Personality:aggressive,stuborn,doesnt feel for others,but is kind to cats who are kind to her
Theme Song (optional): this is showing the little sympathy she actually ever has,and her remorse,and how insane she is even at this young age this shows that she started to hurt as soon as she was born,and that she was killed by her brother
Mate:How is she supposed to care about someone enough for a mate
Clan (VultureClan, HawkClan, EagleClan, OwlClan, Loner):Loner or the creepypastas!

Rosestar Of OwlClan
WingPaw of HawkClan
TalonRain of EagleClan

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Re: Black Rose,yet another insane killer

Post by Purestar on Thu Jul 24, 2014 6:48 am

Accepted Very Happy   


~Main characters~

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Fawnleap of Owlclan(Warrior/Queen)

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Re: Black Rose,yet another insane killer

Post by Skully on Thu Jul 24, 2014 10:49 am

Great job, I love the character!

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Re: Black Rose,yet another insane killer

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